Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Home with Traditional Indian Touch:))

Elements of aesthetic and ethnic decor lend a stunning look to Jaiya Venkat's home at Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is truly a home of her dreams. Her home reflects her aesthetic sense with collection of exquisite Indian artifacts and paintings. The beautiful Tanjour painting with deities images on the walls have a universal appeal and intangible presence of the omnipotent. 

As we go from room to room we are struck by the play of  earthy tones, vibrant colors and textures. The look gives a impeccable finish. The bed, couch and the chairs have a strong traditional characters. 

Jaiya created a harmonize,  elegant traditional home with her wonderful collections and I am pleased to share this beautiful home on  home tour series at Crystal grandeur.     


Note on Tanjore Painting: Tanjore Painting or Thanjavur Oviyum in local language is a classical South Indian painting originated way back in 1600 A.D. from the town of Thanjavur or Tanjore. It is characterized by rich flat and vivid colors, simple iconic composition of glittering gold foils over laid on delicate but extensive gesso work and inlay of glass beads and pieces or rarely precious and semi precious gems. The subjects of most paintings are related to Hindu Gods and Goddesses.    



  1. What a Beautiful home! The rich deep colors and depth of tones in the wood are stunning. Sleek and modern with touches of tradition. So beautiful! My oldest daughter and I actually have touches of an Indian influence in our homes. One day I will post pictures of what we have. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately on your posts. I haven't had a computer for a couple of months and if I am in great need I go to the library and use theirs. Keep cool..Your friend, Valerie.

  2. Oh my Sujatha! I so enjoyed the tour in this amazingly stunning home.
    I love all the Indian details from artwork to the awesome furniture in this house.
    The tall dresser in one of the rooms caught my eye big time.
    Thanks for sharing with us my friend and yes, I'm looking forward for more tours to come.

  3. How warm and inviting! this is so elegant and rich looking. I love the colors, yet in a modern setting - perfect juxtaposition! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very beautiful home with lots of traditional touch

  5. Such a beautiful home. The colors are warm and inviting. I love the texture added to walls as well. My favorite piece of art is the Elephant God statue. Marie

  6. In India people want to decorate their dream home in the Indian style. It gives the royal and traditional look to a house. You have written nice blog and picture looks real interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.