Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day and Night Fall Decor:)

 Misty mornings and darker evenings of Fall are wonderful time to enjoy at your home with simple Fall decors. Shops and kitchen gardens are filled with rich colored Pumpkins and flowers during this season. Creating a simple Autumn decor with Autumn elements  like the Pumpkins, Candles, naturally dried leaves & flowers, the foliage gives a pretty look for a table top  during day as well at night. 
As the evenings draw in, candles lit add a comforting glow to the room and also a way to celebrate this colorful season.

                                                      Pumpkin  From our kitchen garden

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  1. i've never grown a pumpkin--too cute, sujatha! we've had cooler weather this week, but, hot and humid next week:) pretty fall gatherings! have a great day!

  2. I love that blue and white teapot, very similar to one I have and your home grown pumpkin! My friend you are a real talented girl, Very lovely post as usual.
    Have a great week.