Thursday, 28 January 2016

Knowing St Valentine is here:))

Here comes February and the popular day of the month St Valentine day too. This day is all about candle lit dinners, beach side dinning with champagne, chocolate dipped strawberry's, etc. Many will be eagerly waiting for the day and wondering how to make this day special for your partner. Red is the color to set the mood for the day. Presenting here a table for two with color red , flowers, candles, and  sweet scented roses which added magic to the table. It is also time to bake and place a cake & engrave your love with icing....:))    

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  1. Oh how beautiful and elegant. You always use the most lovely flowers and candles in your decorating. I love the couple hugging each other. That is love.
    Thank you for always making such kind comments on my blog. You are a dear friend.

  2. The warm red colour soothing lighting and the flowers are so inviting... Can I book the table for Feb 14th please.

  3. I love the simple dignity and un-fussiness of this elegant table. Just beautiful!

  4. Very nice - I love the red dishes. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  5. All your reds are stunning my friend! I love the napkins with the white stitching in the borders and the cute pair embracing each other for what I gather they're a S&P shakers? Wonderful and romantic, always with lots of taste and elegance.
    Hope things are better in your place with the bad things happening. Always praying.
    Enjoy your weekend my friend.