Monday, 20 March 2017

Color of 2017- Pantone - Zesty Yellow Green:)

I was inspired by Douglas Elliman's team to share my design expertise and tackle their Pantone color challenge project. Going through their web sight and learning the history behind the company(100 years old) made me to to take up the Pantone's color of the year 2017 challenge inspired by nature. The color obviously the Green. This color is one of Mother natures impeccable choices for a neutral . The arrival of Spring too has a special relationship with nature. 

Taking up the challenge and to give my expertise...I decided to come up with my own creation in styling & decor using green other than featuring green inspired photographs of others for the post. It was quiet a job for me to assemble all the green touch objects. My green story began from coffee table in our living room.  I dressed the table with a green floral table mat. For the green feast I placed green grapes and a guava fruit in a green boat shaped glass bowl. Added other green elements a green kettle, cup & saucers, a bunny, a bottle with a pretty leaf and a green chimney lamp to the setting.  I wanted the table decor to match the color of the sofa. Since our sofa has a brown finish I covered half  of the sofa with a green throw and placed three contrasting green velvet cushions which looked bright and nice for the theme. Keeping a pony tailed plant next to the sofa, gave a finishing touch to the setting. 

Green in your food: If we are going green let's go all the way to decorate our table with glorious green as well. A simple table decor near the bay window for a summer day with a green plate, green napkin, fresh green leaf  in a green glass container and a green candle with a glow in a green holder completed my green fantasy. A mix of spinach & cucumber juice with a little bit of spices and a green corn cob ear on the corn was so much interesting.

Summer time is to play with furnishings that are light and bright. Hanging a cucumber cool green  netted  fabric looked cool in the corner. 

Presenting coffee table styling and a tiny-scape from our cozy corner with Pantone color Green. Hope you get inspired to add color green in your decors, fashion etc to feel the freshness in 2017. Say hello to Green:))) 

A question asked would you decorate your home with this color? 

   Scroll down for tips adding greenery to your decor this Spring

                            Green and the Fushsia pink matches well

 Give a Botanical look to your home by placing indoor plants on    side boards

                                                         Color Green on your table

Spring time is picnic time: The melodious notes of cuckoo the fragrance of flowers in the mountain valley calls for a picnic. Choosing a zesty yellow green canopy or a screen tent is a great way to enjoy the outing. To create a perfect picnic ambiance add a swaying hammock , rug or bed- sheet, cushions, bottle racks and disposable cutlery all in green to complement the energy. 

For a cheery bed room: Color green can be added to the bedding accessories with combination of whites or lemon yellow. 

If you have a all white living room drape your windows with combination of green and light yellow curtains. 

Welcoming hugs warm conversations all happens at heart of the home kitchen. To create an eye catching look for the kitchen cabinets marry the green to white palettes. 

Bath room is a place to rejuvenate, to rest and for over all well being of mind and body. A bath room with green tiles sure to melt away stress instantly. Towels, hand towels and foot mats with green touch adds charm. 

Also give your home a make over with botanical look.  Turn your side boards your little corners your table tops into green spot this Spring/Summer by placing  your favorite summer indoor greenery plants.  

This green can be matched with White,Off white, Black, Brown, Yellow, Silver, Orange and Fushsia Pink.

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  1. Very nice. I like how you have green plants, green decor and green food. I also like that you have used so many different green colors and they look really nice together. Very fun.