Saturday, 11 March 2017

Holi and it's Colors:))

There is something about the month March that always gives renewed optimism. The world just seems lighter, fresher and more colorful. 

In India this belief also has traditional underpinnings. Holi the festival of colors is at its heart a tribute to new beginnings. Who can think of Holi without colors? The greens, yellows, purple, reds, blue and magenta of gulaal  are  colors of Spring's dazzling flowers. 

Centuries ago Lord Krishna drenched Virindavan with colors made out of fragrant petals. Drenching this post of mine with how colors of Holi be prepared in organic versions and splashed during the festival. 

The Red comes from tesoo flowers and rose petals. Blue hues come from blueberry juice and jacaranda blossoms.  For Green mix mint leaves or spinach with water. Yellow from marigold blooms and turmeric powder. For Magenta boil pieces es of beet-root in a cup of water to get that color. 

Take a pick, make a difference in splashing the colored water and enjoy your Holi with instant cheer. HAPPY HOLI:)))
A mood of nostalgia, replete with memories and a love for the past. Nice to combine this post with a nostalgia decor. The beautiful divided wooden box etched with  thin brass carvings on the lid and all the four sides is from my in-laws  home. The versatile box can be used as spice and nuts holder, thread and button holder or coin holder and this box has a special place with our other heirloom pieces es. Pleasure in featuring this heirloom box for the first time in my blog post placing different color of powders for occasion like Holi. 

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  1. I would love to see that, all the wonderful colors. I am putting that festival on my bucket list.

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