Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lighting Scenes

Light is the primary requisite of life.The impact of the lighting is most evident when the sun goes down.It is also one of the basic requirement in decorating a room.Proper lighting along with beautiful fixtures brings life and glamor to a room at night.We all know that lighting during festive occasions creates an atmosphere of cheer,gaiety and excitement around us.
I love to use soft yellow lights around the house which is visually pleasing.When remodeling our home we gave lot of importance to the lighting system considering the function,safety and beauty.Sharing here few photos of using lights in some areas of two different homes of us at different times........Thank you for your visit....:):) 

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  1. Your home is beautiful, Sujatha. And I love the way you capture the lights in camer.a How so you do it? Mine never comes out that way. Thank you so much for your prayers for our precious Rea. She is having surgery, tumor resection this coming week so please continue to pray for her....Christine

  2. Exquisite taste. Beautiful home setting. Got some good ideas to decorate mine.

  3. You are so right, Sujatha! Lighting is so important both indoors and out. I wish I could have my pick of lights...I would have this place lit up like Christmas every night!!!!!

    Your chandelier is so pretty. I love the shape of the bulbs. They look like flames!

    Thanks for the miniature tour around your house! It's beautiful!

  4. your lighting really shows off your beautiful home, sujatha:) you have so many different kinds of lovely lighting! my fav is your chandelier down toward the bottom of the post:) have a great week!

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