Friday, 8 August 2014

A Temple Visit

The Hindu temples in the the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India dominates the list of largest Hindu temples in the world.Visiting the temples here are a unique experience in all aspects.The temples have a large gopuram a monumental tower.It is mostly of Dravidian architecture and hundreds of carvings(Human forms,Birds and Animals) served as decoration on most Indian Temples.Throughout in history the diverse people of India have shared a fascination and respect for animals.The seals and carving of animals and birds have been unearthed and found on temple architecture.The beautiful temples are mostly constructed near a flowing river or ponds are built as a part of temple complex .

August is a month of new beginning in the calender here with handful of  festivals to follow in coming months.During this time of the year one can see lot of happenings throughout the day  right from early in the mornings to evenings at all the temples.

Sharing here few photos of our temple visits, its architecture carvings and surroundings. 

        For centuries cattle have been the most essential animals in India and they are carved in temples

                                                               Elephants are kept in temples
                                                     A turtle shaped hill near a temple
                                                         A river bed covered with water weeds. 
                                                Monkeys are found in temples and they are honored.

In the following weeks i intend to feature about the festivals and its significance in crystal grandeur.

                     World famous Temples from Southern India       

                               Thank you for your kind visit
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  1. Wow! Such ornate carvings and wonderfully brilliant colors!!! The people who constructed these temples did not take the projects lightly. There is a lot of hard work and detailed forethought put into each one. It's interesting to me that elephants are actually kept in the temples and that monkeys are allowed to freely take up residence. It's wonderful that such a profound respect for animals of all kinds is a part of the culture. I knew that cows and elephants played a big role, but didn't know that other animals were viewed as such. It would seem that there is a great respect for water, too, in that the temples are either by a river or that ponds are created as a part of them. Part of that may be for utilitarian reasons, but whatever the case, it's lovely.

    I look forward to reading about the upcoming festivals! I'm sure they'll be quite grand! Have a good weekend, and thank you for sharing these beautiful temples with us!

  2. I loved the beautiful temples that you shared. I had no idea the animals that are allowed to live in them.
    An interesting and lovely post!