Monday, 11 August 2014

Festivals and Flowers..:):)

Hi there .... In my last post I mentioned that i intend to  feature the festivals of India of the coming months at Crystal Grandeur.This post is about the flowers used during the festivals.Flowers play an important role in celebrations. All kinds of fragrant and non fragrant colourful flowers, of various sizes, are sold in the markets. These flowers are used for various  purposes during festivals at temples,homes and other places es as well.

I am sharing here, photos of the flower market from our city (Chennai/Madras) which I happened to visit one day before the sunrise. The flowers comes from different regions of Tamil Nadu and it is wonderful to see all kinds of flowers sold under one roof.The market was bustling with early morning business and it was amazing to see flowers wherever you turned your head. It was like swimming in sea of flowers. I clicked these shots during the visit. Hope you too enjoy walking around the market.....:):)   

Colorful Daisey's

Roses in different colours

Red and Orange Wild Roses

Celosia Argentea --- We call it 'Koli Kondai'

Couroupita guianensis---We call it Nagalingam

Beautiful Pink Lotus
Heap of White lotus buds
Water Lillies

Colourful mixed flowers tied in the strings
Jasmine the beautiful white flowers are every woman's love. Here women like to wear it in their plaits for its unique fragrance. It's part of the hair do. Buyer's from the famous Fashion Houses (including Christian Dior, Chanel) in Paris, France, visit Madurai, Tamil Nadu to select flowers to include in their World Famous Perfumes..

Seller with Roses.

Garlands are used for Various Ceremonial Purposes.

Tender crafted Palm Leaves make unique pieces for decoration.(For entrance doors)

Tulsi and Mango Leaves used for Ceremonial Purposes

                                                                  A seller with her sell

Grass used for Ceremonial Purposes

Betel Leaf used for Ceremonial Purposes.

Heap of Betel Leaves in a basket.

The green pumpkins are broken on the streets as evil eye remover at temples, and by shop vendors at the end of the day 
                                           Thank you...:):)                                                            Photography-Sujathapratap
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  1. it must be bliss walking through all of those flowers! Nagalingam has an interesting look, and i can almost smell the jasmine! thanks for sharing, sujatha! have a great week!

  2. Hi Ms. S,
    Sorry for not visiting. As you know, I was travelling around.

    What a magnificent festival. So dear...