Monday, 25 August 2014

Crystal Grandeurs 100th post.Garden tour---Part 1

This is my 100th post at Crystal Grandeur with fifty thousand page views and indeed a special one, as I present here, our home garden and the cause for it. Plants have always been a part of our lives and our home. Every plant lover knows the joys of gardening and the great returns it heaps.

The person who puts in the great work to our garden is my husband Mr. Pratap. His passion, love and hobby is gardening. He has a green thumb, this passion runs in his blood as I have heard his father too had a love for gardening and had a huge fabulous garden with varieties of plants and fruit bearing trees .

Having been a Senior Executive in the Airline Industry (Air-India), my husband, yet, found the time for his gardening. His first love is Bonsai and has in the last 27 years, created more than 400 Bonsai trees and to his credit has several masterpieces in his collection. Besides other reasons for his love, he feels that working with plants is some kind of a meditation which gives one immense pleasure and satisfaction and that plants respond to human sentiments.

As a plant lover, he had the keen eye for the lonely plant growing by the road side or the plant growing beside a rock in the wild, and the art to transform it to a beautiful Bonsai tree. He has the patience needed, to spend the long hours that gardening requires.

Growing flowering plants and making a kitchen garden has also been part of his love for gardening. It is wonderful to see veggies(organic) Cherry Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Cauliflower's, Carrot's, Beetroot's, Radishes, Spinach and all sorts of greens grow in your garden and it is such a pleasure to add them to your daily cooking.

One may ask what role I play in his gardening? I water the plants in his absence and play around with the Bonsai trees, using them as part of the decor of our home.I simply love placing them in different places  and corners at home..... it looks beautiful.

I dedicate my 100th post to him as he is celebrating his birth day on 27th August as well. So let me take you on a tour through his garden. I share here with you, photos of our vegetable garden through the seasons. Thank you for your visit to our garden. 


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  1. happy birthday to your husband! what a fabulous garden he has! i've seen the bonsai plants and they are amazing! hope his day is great!

  2. This post of yours is a fitting gift to chithappa on his birthday.He inspires us with his dedication,passion and creation of a fantabulous garden on a barren terrace.Your photographs have also come out really well.We know that chithappa has a love for buddha statues...we'd love to see a write up about it - meena and kshitij