Thursday, 26 March 2015

Never to be given back day:)

Sometime you get into mood to enjoy nature and this evening was one of its kind for me. Our pleasures are deeper to see a coloured garden with splashes of Pink, Orange, Red and yellows. A grass blade is more than a grass blade with a tiny dew drop on it early in the morning. The notes of a bird is more than a song to hear. The scent of  flowers are more than sweet fragrance to feel. The moments are mystical just before and just after sun set. The satisfaction with regard to nature is sensual. Some times many feel a day to be never to be given back day when we are amidst of natures beauty. Setting a tea table in the garden just before night fall was fulfilling for me.

Our garden is at its best with orange coloured  and red coloured  tomatoes,with  Chinese oranges and lemons. The desert roses are in full bloom to give the garden a colourful touch and it served as a center piece for the table as well. The cushion covers are my creation for my Spring collection. The rose print tea pot is my recent pick for my tea pot collection.   

              Sun is about to retire for the day behind the coconut trees
                                                      Candle is lit after the sun set

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  1. Oh how beautiful... How I would love to transport myself to this beautiful setting. What you have written at the start of your blog post was absolutely lovely. Your choice of wording made a person feel like they were part of the surroundings. Thank you as it is cold here. Love you choice of dishes. The towel (I think it is) is so pretty. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Such a beautiful garden setting for this gorgeous tea table, your tea service is lovely, I love the way you have it set up on the rustic table with the beautiful pillows strewn upon the bench so prettily. Your garden is lovely and the blooming dessert roses are stunning.

  3. your spring florals are so pretty, sujatha! charming garden setting! have a great weekend!