Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Spring The Sweet Spring....:)

Spring the sweet spring  is eternal and the year's most pleasant season. There blooms everything and there we hear pretty birds singing. Here comes a poetry line  that welcomes the Spring. 'Fields breath sweet, Daisies kiss our feet,.. Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu- we, to- witta- woo! Spring the sweet Spring. How sweet are the lines to warm our heart. It's wonderful to welcome spring and a pleasure  to do a Spring table with Daisies as well to  mark coming of the Spring at Crystal Grandeur.   

                                                                 Thank You:))
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  1. Hello Mrs. CG,
    How are you nowadays? Hope you're in the best of everything.

    Wow! Tidy simple but elegant is the right words for you TS today.

    Njoy the week ahead, my lovely friend.


  2. this is exactly how i'd do a tablesetting:) i love all white dinnerware and any pink flower for the centerpiece! love the idea of placing the folded napkins into cute containers, too! have a great day, sujatha!

  3. Hello Mrs. S,
    Hope you have a wonderful time in your wonderful place.

    Yes! Spring is in the air. Great ideas to welcome the awaited Spring time.

    Happy mid-week.