Thursday, 21 May 2015

Tea Time With Lilies:)))

The bloom of Lilies are back in the garden this season. As Lilies stand for beauty and temptation I was tempted to do a  tiny tea scape with Lilies this evening. Capturing the beauty of beautiful Lilies through the lens was a moment for me.Placing a nest with birdies (they are always ready to get featured in my posts) looked pretty and says crows are busy making their nests outside....:):)

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  1. Lovely...beautiful flowers.

  2. Another beautiful setting. You are lucky to have such beautiful Lilies. I love lilies. One of my granddaughter's is named Lily. The birds in the nest are such a charming touch. Have a wonderful weekend. Valerie R.

  3. What a peaceful setting. Very warm and inviting. Would love to share a cup of tea.

  4. I love the tea set, thanks for sharing this on Fabulous Friday I need something like that for my coffee bar, hope to see you at Fabulous Friday this week