Sunday, 24 May 2015

Temple Talk

It is often said that the journey itself is more important than the final destination. A relaxed trip away from your city could be enjoyable and one would also feel totally free from the daily chaos of city life.

Our recent trip to a temple in a tiny village near our city Chennai was a memorable one. The Village hasn't changed for many years. The landscape is wild and nothing commercial there. Spending a day and walking around the temple barefoot admiring the beauty of the temple,  inhaling the fresh air and having meal made with fresh local produce all had the ingredients of an amazing day. 

Thiruvalangadu is a small village in Tamil Nadu and the temple built for Lord Shiva by the Chola rulers during 12th century is regarded as scared Shaivaite temple. It is one of the five majestic cosmic dance halls of Lord Shiva. Legend has it that when the Lord was once entranced in a deep cosmic dance , the jewels from the Lords anklets fell on the earth and scattered in five places  and this place is one of them. The temple is known for its architectural splendour. The shrines importance is enhanced by the mystic location of the temple on what was once a forest of banyan trees( How beautiful the place would have been with huge banyan trees).The temple has a large water tank, and there exists a belief  that  a secret  underground tunnel inside the temple which runs through  is not opened for centuries.

What do you get there: Fresh farm grown vegetables, Greens and flowers.  

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  1. Wow, what a great tour and so exotic! Thank you for sharing!