Monday, 1 June 2015

Wild Ice Bucket

Wild ice-bucket project...a project which I wanted to do for my  blog post for a  very long time. I was fascinated to see this in a book loved the idea, wanted to do and share this project with rest of you all. It looks great for a summer out door party  and really easy to do as long as you have room in your freezer. One can make it well in advance and just leave it in freezer until it's needed. 


                                                            Half frozen bucket

Things needed to make ice bucket: Small plastic bucket, 1 Soft drink bottle, flower petals, ice cubes, gravel or stones. 

How to do.....

1. Pick colourful petals of  flowers like Marigolds, Rose or any petals or small flowers whatever you like. 

2. Get a big plastic soft drink bottle and cut off the top. 

3.Put 1 to 2 inch layer of ice cubes in the bottom of a small plastic bucket.  Place your decapitated bottle in the middle of the bucket on the ice and surround it with petals. The ice cubes help you to keep the petals in place when you pour the water as well as enabling it to freeze more quickly. 

4.Put some stones or gravel inside the bottle base to weight the bottle down , then pour water into the bucket to come half way up the bottle. Put in the freezer until the water is frozen solid. 

5. Once it's frozen take the bucket out of the freezer and  fill the half frozen bucket sides with more ice cubes, water and petals up to the rim. Put the bucket again inside the freezer and leave it to freeze completely. 

6. Just before the party remove the bucket out from the freezer. Tip out the gravel or stones then pour a little hot water into the soft drink bottle and also make the bucket to stand in hot water tub for few minutes so that you can separate them easily , leaving a real ice bucket 'shell' studded with petals. Place the ice bucket on a cloth or towel on your party table. It looks really pretty along with your meals and takes hours to melt.
It's summer in most of the countries and one can try this fun project for out door gatherings. For my 150th blog post at Crystal grandeur I would be coming out with a out door setting with this wild ice bucket. Thank you all for your kind visit....:))))

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