Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tea with Pretty White Flowers;)

As the charming Spring is here it is time to bring in flower power. Flowers are beautiful for decors, gifting and for many other things. Sometimes you don't need shop bought expensive flowers in vases to adorn a tea setting or a table setting. Flowers could be in our garden, back yard sometime in foot path, free ways, on the rocks in the woods and it is all around every where. It is only we have the eye to find the natures beauty, say hello to the winking flowers and bring them home.
Couple of pretty fresh carrot flowers from our garden with the serene white tea set turned the evening nook a ideal cool off nook for a evening tea. A egg shell candle added charm and in a recycled bottle the pretty white flowers looked simple yet pretty. The tiny sand paper vine purple flowers sprinkled over the white napkins and on the rough wooden surface looked pleasing. 


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  1. Very peaceful. Love the rustic table. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  2. The carrot blossoms are such a sweet touch with your white dishes.... and the purple vine flower is just the finishing touch to a beautiful display .... Have a wonderful day !!!