Thursday, 14 June 2018

A Setting Under The Sun:))

       As the weather being warm and humid here, yesterday's sudden change of a moody sky and the cool sea breeze made me to do an out door setting in the garden. I loved creating this setting near a group of plants & Bonsai trees on the terrace. The red themed setting with red colored light- weight leak proof carry boxes, cane baskets, checkered spread, red checked napkins, fruits and fruit juices gave an picnic look. Sometime little touches like adding a lantern and lighting a candle inside against the dropping sunlight sets a mood & ambience. 

  Picnic is always associated with fun, joy ride, eating under the sky near a beach, river bank or on a grass filled area with family and friends. Going for a picnic sometime spur-of-the-moment decision. 
Organizing a picnic with children quiet a job for elders. However clear thinking, careful planning allow you & the rest to enjoy a beautiful day out in the sun. Arranging for a picnic is not to panic. Scroll down for some picnic tips. 

1.Simple food like sandwiches are convenient for picnics. Bread and fillings can be taken separately and can be assembled on the spot. For salads crisp cut vegetables in a box and salad dressing in a screw top bottle can be carried and combined together just before eating. So that the crispness of the ingredients preserved. 
2. Vacuum flasks are good for keeping drinks hot or cold. Wide necked flasks can be used for soups, ice creams, gravy or stew. Fruit juices can be transferred  from cartons to disposable bottles or glass bottles. 
3.Disposable plates, glasses and mugs weigh less than China and more practical. However food taste better in china plates and you may prefer to take old plates that you will not miss if they are broken. As well this will allow us to keep the place trash free and say no to plastics. A kitchen knife, paper rolls, pair of scissors, spoons, bed spread or a rug, paper napkins, water bubble, cool-boxes, damp sponge and a large plastic dustbin bag are the things not to forget while you plan. For children accompanying the group, to carry a first-aid kit is advisable. This perfect planning will make a perfect summer holiday picnic. Happy picnicking.
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  1. How delightful!What a lovely picnic!Hugs!

  2. Such a cheery and fun picnic table.........makes me want to have a picnic too....
    but it would be indoors for sure, as it is too hot

  3. Oh dear friend, how I wish I was sitting at that picnic table and enjoying that great looking food and a visit with you.
    Hope all is well with your family.
    Happy Father's Day.

  4. I love this! It makes it worthwhile to go outside and brave the heat and humidity!!! I agree...if you can use something that doesn't add to the landfills, go for it! I like to use melamine or plastic when we eat outdoors for a picnic. I would miss all of my china pieces if one got broken!!! :-) I really like the idea of taking the bread along separately from the fillings. Great tip!

  5. What a beautiful setting! It looks very inviting and I love how you styled it. Tanks for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story.