Thursday, 21 June 2018

Cool Summer Palette:))

This is my second Blue table this season and the Palette is all about coolness & re freshness for a sultry day. The mix of Blue candles and faux Rose buds makes the center piece for an evening table styling. I have used dark Blue square cushion covers in triangular in shape as place mats. The oriental print china bowls just fits in to the setting and a new addition to my collection. Lighting the candles after sun set gave a serene look. Enjoy your Summer time with cool Blues.

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  1. Beautiful my friend ! It looks like such a romantic summer evening dining setting.
    Love the flower pieces on top of the dinner plates.

  2. Very cool colors and a great way to beat the heat of summer!

  3. What a charming and romantic table! I love those little casserole dishes, or whatever they are, that are on top of the dinner plates. So very interesting with such a unique shape. They make each place setting very special.

  4. Blue and white always looks so crisp and summery. Very pretty table and some fun shapes to your dishes.

  5. Lovely and perfect for a summer night! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  6. I love all your summery tables and love your garden too. So colorful!....Christine